Tranquil Waterside Revitalization: A Fresh Perspective

Mueller Builders | Lake Gaston Project | After

Refreshing the Charm

Our team had the privilege of revitalizing the exterior of a charming rancher nestled along the shores of Lake Gaston. This project involved a complete overhaul, from residing to window replacements and new exterior doors. Every detail was meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, breathing new life into the main residence and extending its allure to a waterside shed.


A Clear Transformation

The home received a breath of fresh air with brand-new windows enhancing natural light and elevating energy efficiency. Complemented by carefully chosen exterior doors, the residence now features a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, all united by a cohesive design language.


A Splash of Pacific Blue

The transformation extended to a quaint shed, transitioning from its original siding to vibrant Pacific Blue. This not only injects personality into the landscape but also harmoniously ties the shed into the overall aesthetics of the main residence.

Before and After Showcase

Embark on the visual journey of this project through our curated Before-and-After gallery. Witness the subtle yet impactful changes in color, coupled with the right choice of windows and doors, transforming the property into a harmonious waterside oasis.


Closing Reflection

As we conclude this showcase of our Featured Project, Mueller Builders invites you to envision the endless possibilities that new siding can unfold. Beyond the physical transformation, it’s about creating spaces that resonate with the unique character of their waterside surroundings. Your vision, harmonized with our craftsmanship, brings forth a revitalized charm that stands as a testament to the potential within every home.

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